How to remove nail fungus with baking soda – very effective


The appearance of fungi in the nails, or also known as onychomycosis, is a fairly common condition that occurs especially in the area of ​​the feet, but can also occur in the hands, and is caused by microorganisms or parasites that we call dermatophytes. Some symptoms of onychomycosis can be the yellowish color of the affected area, thickening of the nails or even breakage and bad smell of these in the most severe cases.

Although the first step you should take is to go to the dermatologist to examine you and determine the best treatment for your case, you can also use, in turn, these medicines, some natural remedies to relieve discomfort and reduce these pesky pests.

Benefits of baking soda for nails

The sodium bicarbonate is a natural remedy that originated from its beginnings as a product mainly for home and kitchen. However, currently, this product is used for aesthetic and health purposes due to its different health properties. Here are some of the benefits of sodium bicarbonate for nails and skin:

  • The bicarbonate is a good remedy for onychomycosis, since it has excellent antifungal, antiseptic and alkaline properties, which are ideal to relieve the symptoms of this type of skin infections and fight them.
  • It has an exfoliating action, which is very useful to eliminate dead cells that accumulate in the outer areas of the skin. As a result, these cleansing properties can slow the growth of the parasites found in our nails.
  • This product also provides regulatory properties to control the pH of our dermis and nails. This effect reduces excessive sweating in the feet and, as a consequence, prevents the appearance of fungi and helps reduce them if they are already present.
  • Finally, the bicarbonate has whitening properties that help eliminate the yellowish color of the nails caused by onychomycosis.

Benefits of apple vinegar for the feet

  • The apple cider vinegar is a food seasoning that doubles as a home for feet and nails remedy, because of these properties that help relieve onychomycosis:
  • Its richness in malic acid and acetic acid provide excellent alkaline properties, which help to stop infections caused by fungi and bacteria, including those that occur in the nails.
  • They also have properties that regulate the pH of the skin that alter the composition necessary for fungi to proliferate. Therefore, its topical use helps both to prevent and reduce such parasites.
  • Its high content in different acids also give apple vinegar antifungal and antibacterial properties that help relieve symptoms caused by nail fungus.
  • Finally, vinegar is composed of nutrients such as bioflavonoids, minerals, fiber and vitamins. These nutrients improve the health of the dermis of our feet and, as a result of this care, we can prevent both infections caused by parasites and other types of skin problems.

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