5 Elite Mehndi Designs Perfect For Flaunting at Engagement


Are you done with the endless swiping games on the dating apps? Found your perfect soulmate? Planning to exchange the rings with them?  For your engagement you must have found the perfect dress but what about your hands.  Engagement is the most special day in girls life as it is from where the wedding journey starts. For their engagement being the bride to be a girl wants every aspect of it to be perfect.

The girls are known for their fashion sense and wedding ceremonies starting from the engagement is where they can show off their fashion sense. The attire of the dulhan differs as per the ceremony and along with the outfit and other ensemble the mehndi design also differs. Gone are the days when the traditional mehndi designs used to suffice for all the wedding ceremonies. The concept of mehndi application has been revolutionized and the mehndi design vary from occasion to occasion. For your engagement you must have booked the top mehndi artist in Chandigarh, Pune or wherever you plan to exchange the rings. Are you looking for unique yet classy mehndi designs?

Here is a list of some elite mehndi designs that are perfect for flaunting on engagement.

  1. Leafy Motif Mehndi Design

The whimsical leafy patterns of the leafy motif mehndi design is what makes it unique.The leafy motif pattern paired with floral artistry makes the mehndi design minimalist and appealing to the eyes. Inspired from nature the leafy motif mehndi owning to its feminine touch is why its popular amongst the girls. The curvy pattern of the leaves along with the floral patterns is what adds a touch of elegance to the mehndi design.

leafy motif mehndi

  1. Floral Design

The timeless beauty of flowers never seems to fade away. Flowers are a girl’s second love, diamonds are her first love as they are forever. The traditional floral mehndi remains timeless. If the heavy floral mehndi is not your thing then consider giving the minimalist floral design a try. The minimalist floral design looks captivating and appealing to the eyes. The design is a representation of love, peace, fertility and beauty. A variety of floral mehndi designs are available in the market which hail right from minimal design to intricate heavy artwork designs.

  1. Heart Shaped Design

The wedding is the celebration of unification of two souls in the bond of togetherness. The hear shaped bridal mehndi design aptly defines this unification. The heart shaped mehndi design with the artwork of two halves of a heart made on the palm is symbolic of the union of two people in the bond of togetherness. Accentuate the beauty of the heart shaped mehndi design with the use of Indian elements such as floral patterns and arches. If your looking for a classy and chic design then the heart shaped mehndi is worth giving a try.

  1. Diagonal mehndi

Looking for a simple and sophisticated mehndi design? Then giving the diagonal mehndi design a try. The diagonal mehndi with vines entwining around the hands resembles a chain hand ornament.If you want to keep your engagement look simple and sober and refraining from usage of hand ornaments in order to showcase your beauty of your engagement ring then the diagonal mehndi works best.The intricate patterns of mehndi design add on to the beauty of the hands.

So these are a few mehndi designs that you can consider giving a try. Which mehndi design are you opting for your engagement? Share with us about your views and opinions  on the post in the comments below.

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