The Importance of Giving Customised Corporate Diwali Gifts


India is a country of celebrations and festivity, Diwali forms a huge part of these celebrations. Enjoyed and relished across the entire country amongst the Hindus and also other religions. Speaking of Diwali Gifts and how essential customised corporate Diwali gifts are, we will first glance at what kinds of customisations can primarily b

done for Diwa

i gifts for corporate.

Customization of

iwali Gift

Customization, predominantly in layman terms means changing and transforming a particular item according to need or occasion. In the case of Diwali Gifts, customisation more importantly would imply personalisation of these Diwali gifts. Now, how can this Personalisation or Customisation be done? Companies have the option of sending across a generic gift to all its employees as it makes the entire process of Diwali gifting less complicated. Customisation can be done by:

Employee Name and Designatio

To make th gift appearto be more personalised and attractive to the employee the company can get the names and designation of the employees printed or embossed on the gift item. Not only does it make the gift more personal but also more professional and edgy

Company Name and Lgo

Now as he gift is not from a friend or a family, it must give the feeling that it a professional gesture by a particular company, to do that the company can get the logo of the company embossed in a relatively smaller print on the gift.

Why is giving customized Diwali Gifts important?

We have read and understood that how and why customisation is important in Diwali gifts but now we will have a look at the importance of giving customised Diwali gifts and. There is an entire range of Diwali gifts for office staff is available online and otherwise as well, however companies also need to be aware of why this practice of acknowledging the festival be it Diwali or any other festival important.

  • Employee Satisfaction: Companies in the corporate sector give immense importance to the satisfaction and happiness of the employees as they are on the most important stakeholders in the company. Acknowledging the festivals which employees celebrate on a personal level at the workplace makes them feel at ease with the company and also gives them something to look forward to. The employees become more personally attached to the company and in the long run subconsciously it develops a sense of ownership within the employee cluster.
  • Branding of the Company: Although sending or distributing Diwali gifts amongst employees might have an emotional impact yet the company is liable and answerable to the other stakeholders, like the investors about the expenditure that goes into it. The company needs to look at this as a branding practice, which promotes the company as an employee sensitive and employee friendly company.

Having read about how customisation is done and why is it necessary and also about the importance of giving these customised Diwali gifts to employees; we have understood that Diwali gifts in general send across a positive and productive vibe within the organisation and amongst employees. Gifts are always appreciated and in the long run benefit the company in unimaginable ways.

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