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An important link between Piazza Duomo and the Canal Quarter (Navigli), Via Torino is one of the oldest streets in Milan with a long commercial tradition. Over the last centuries there have been important laboratories and workshops, the traces of which can now be seen in some of the adjacent streets such as Via Orefici, Via Spadari and Via Speronari. It was in 1859 that the street took its present name. It was enlarged and some buildings were replaced; Over the years, the appearance of Via Torino underwent many changes following the urban development and style trends of the city of Milan. It still retains its commercial vocation today and is considered thanks to its strategic position and its many showcases,

But in Via Torino, there are not only shops and workshops but also important historical and artistic monuments. Starting with the small jewel of the Renaissance, the Church of Santa Maria Presso San Satiro, whose façade is slightly older than the street, known for the trompe-l’œil created by Bramante, for its Romanesque bell tower For its beautiful interior finishes. Continuing towards Porta Ticinese, on the right is the Tempio Civico di San Sebastiano with its imposing cylindrical body. Built in 1576 as a vow made by the population for the end of an epidemic of plague, it was realized by Pellegrino Tibaldi. Inside are works of the Lombard school dating from the 18th to the 20th century. Also,

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