4 Useful Tips on Sourcing a Hair Salon


If you are like most fashion conscious women, once you have found a good hair salon, you would likely use them on a regular basis, yet if you have just moved into a new area and are not familiar with local outlets, sourcing the right salon can be a challenge, and with that in mind, here are some useful tips to help you make the right choice.

  1. Use the Internet – Google is everyone’s best friend, and when searching for a local hair salon, the right keywords should bring up a list of every hair salon within a 20 kilometre radius of your home, and to be honest, if a hair salon doesn’t have a website, it doesn’t even enter into the arena. The salon’s website should have high resolution images of the interior, which does give you an idea of the overall ambience, and with an easy to navigate site that tells you all you need to know, you can get a feel of the place. You might be looking for a Perth hairdresser, for instance, and with so many to choose from, take the time to browse relevant sites, then you can shortlist several and actually visit.
  2. Personal Recommendations – If you have recently moved into the area, you might fall short in this category, but as you begin to make new friends, it is a good idea to ask people who they use. Work colleagues, for instance, are always a good source of salon recommendations, and they would likely receive a bonus for introducing a new client.
  3. Compose a List of Potential Establishments – From your initial online search, and any other source, make a list of salons that are within driving distance, and over a period of a month or so, make an appointment at each and have something done. It might be a manicure or perhaps a nourishing treatment, and this will basically be adequate to make a decision. A successful hair salon would typically be very busy, and hopefully, they would have online booking facilities, which is worth noting, and by using each one for one specific treatment, you will be able to judge for yourself regarding service and ambience.
  4. Social Media – If you really want to know what women feel about local hair salons, spend some time searching the social media sites like Facebook, for instance, and if there happens to be an exceptional salon, this would be evident in their conversations. While all hair salons would offer similar services, a good salon would be a place that customers like spending time, and the people who work there would play an important role in creating the right vibrations.

Once you have managed to locate a great hair salon, your hair issues are pretty much covered, and as each salon has its own unique feel, the only way to really be sure is to try out their services. Most large cities would have at least 20 hair salons, and with online searches, you can take the leg work out of the task.

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