Can You Use These Marketing Ideas by Using Seed Paper?


While marketing your business, often it is necessary to make use of various kinds of brochures or business cards. If you want to stand out from others, you can prefer to use seed papers for these items.

There are number of ways to use these seed paper folding cards for your business promotion, which will be an eco-friendly way, which can always attract your customers.

1 Eco-life promo planter

You can always attract your customer with such eco-life promo planter by selecting any kind of plant of your choice. You can print your company’s name and logo in order to customize it.

Your customers can always plant seed in the planter and when it grows big, they can transfer it to their garden.

2 Folding seed cards

Next time, if you want to send greeting cards to your customers, then try to use seed papers, where you can print all the necessary information that is needed to promote your brand. You can also send a hand written message. Your customer can plant on them later and remember you too.

3 Mini seed bookmarks

If you want to print any custom artwork on such bookmarks then you can insert  seed paper shape, which is a nice way of incorporating seed paper and at the same time having something printed with your information on it can be retained by your customers for a long time to come.

4 Mini seed cards

You can also use mini seed cards which measures 2.5″ X 3″ and can easily accommodate any piece of a seed paper.

You can print the custom artwork of your company both on card’s front and back in order to transfer your info that your customers can associate with any plant, which will grow after they will plant the seed paper insert.

5 Seed business cards

You can also send business cards that are available in standard 3.5″X 2″ size and they are entirely printed on seed paper. Your customers will upload all your contact information and then can plant your card and enjoy it grow.

Getting the experience of planting your cards and then growing plants will be something special and this way, your customers can always remember your company.

6 Seed mini-gift packs

Your customers can always hold on to such card that is made from any recycled content and plant it in seed paper shape.

In this way, they will refer your card for any kind of handy information, while still enjoying the plants which will grow from your seed paper.

7 Seed paper

You can get creative by using such seed paper of full sheets with standard-sized sheets, which measure 8.5″ by 11″ and available in many different colors. Also, you can select from the custom seed mixes.

You can create brochures or any other handouts that can bring your life vision.

8 Seed postcards

You can get post card size measuring 3.95” X 5.20” seed post cards, where you can write certain personal message.

9 Seed shape packs

This kind of die-cut seed paper is a memorable tool for marketing.

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