Ultimate guide: Styling your track pants for different occasions


Many people feel they’re most comfortable in track pants! Over the periods of years, the purpose of track pants has changed. Track pant allows you to mix and match them with any t-shirt or top. However, you should ensure that you look your dapper best in track pants and that they complement your looks. There is a wide variety of track pant for women. Women used to get conscious while roaming in track pants; however, now they can pull it off as effortlessly and still manage to look funky!

One can choose from a plethora of track pants for women, and the following are some styling options you can choose from-

  • Sweatshirt+ track pant

There is a rising trend in athleisure wear; thus, a combination of track pants and a sweatshirt cannot go wrong. It can be a very stylish outfit. You can wear apt shoes to keep your look more polished and sharp. Wearing sneakers on this outfit will just up the game!

  • You can wear a white sweatshirt with track pants of dark grey colour. It is a classic, quintessential look that never goes out of style.
  • Many youngsters also wear a black sweatshirt on black track pants.
  • T-shirt+ track pants

It is essential for one to feel relaxed in track pants as the primary reason why most girls prefer wearing track pants is that they can be at their comfortable best! There are different types of track pants for women with varying combinations of colour, textures, styles, fabrics and patterns. Pairing track pants with a t-shirt will create an easy weekend look, and you can lounge around anywhere you want!

You need to take care of two things: the t-shirt should be the perfect fit, and the track pant for women should be above the ankle.

  • Track jackets and track pants

To create a rugged sport look, you can opt for a track jacket and track pants that go well with your jacket. The best part about this outfit is that it can be styled with any other sportswear. The colours you opt for should go well with your look.

  • You can try to wear a white crew-neck tee with a jacket of black colour. Pulling off white sneakers with this attire will give it a more edgy look. The track pants for women are designed so that they will blend in no matter what t-shirt or top they choose.
  • Hoodies and joggers

The arrival of winter naturally leads to many women wearing warm clothes. Hoodies have become a style statement owing to their popularity in recent times. It is advisable to wear track pants with a hoodie as it gives you a stylish look. Moreover, one can wear it on a casual day. Many women can don a pullover hoodie for everyday track pants and casual outings.

  • Track pants and denim jackets

A denim jacket should be accompanied by a track pant for women, as this combo gives you a structured look. However, the denim jacket should complement the colour of your track pants.

Compared to men, there are many options for track pants for women!

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