How to Eat for Better Skin


Have you ever felt so tired, you didn’t have an appetite but you had to eat for the sake of eating? When you’re just eager to end your day, you make random decisions, not realizing they have a big impact on your life later on. The food you eat, in particular, have a very big effect on your health, including your skin.

Choosing what to eat should never be done thoughtlessly. Here’s how you should eat for better skin:

Eat Fresh 

Fruits and vegetables are accessible sources of vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin overall. They also share some of their goodness to your skin, which will look healthier and younger if you consume more fruits and vegetables. When you do eat these, make sure to go with the freshest ones you can find so that the nutrients are still there. For certain fruits like apples, eating the fruit peel together with the fruit flesh will improve the amount of nutrients you get, so eat smartly. Other healthy options, such as coconut, can be eaten in several ways, with the coconut water, fruit, and even the oil proving beneficial.

Eat in Moderation

This is not a lesson on health per se, but when you eat more meat than you should, you’re loading your body with free radicals, which result in dull and lifeless skin. This isn’t the same as when you buy face mask online and get them in big batches. This isn’t to say you should eat a small amount either. The best way to eat is to fill your plate with more greens than meat, so that you are getting all the nutrients without going heavy on the calories and fats. There are several sources of protein that do not have to involve copious amounts of meat, but you don’t have to force yourself to give up meat altogether. Just find a happy middle to enjoy what you eat without it causing trouble for your body.

Know What You’re Drinking

Eating and drinking often go hand in hand so it makes sense that you also pay attention to the kinds of drinks you consume. You could be eating the healthiest food, but if you’re not paying attention to what you’re drinking, it will undo all the hard work you’ve put into it. Drinks can be devious, especially if they are marketed as a healthy drink. Look closer and you may see the high amount of sugar they contain, which does not look good on your skin.

Ideally, you should be drinking more water than any other liquids, and you should not consume too much soda or sugary fruit juices. If you need flavor in your water, go for healthy and natural alternatives. Make your own juices from fresh fruits, which are naturally sweet. For other beverages, substitute table sugar with honey as much as you can.

Don’t eat just for the sake of getting energy. Food can do so much more for your body, but it can be positive or negative depending on how you choose what you eat.

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