Enjoy Subtle Notes and Bold Flavors With Café du Chateau French Press


At this point, coffee has become so vital at the same time so commercialized. Yes, coffee is the perfect start to any day. But, most people are settling for subpar coffee. A lot of what adults drink are premade powders and mixes. But, does that is like robbing yourself of the full coffee experience. Break away from all that and get your self a french press coffee maker.

Making your own Coffee Maximizes the Benefits

Now before talking about tastes and flavor, know that coffee in the right amount is a good drink. Full of antioxidants it helps you flush toxins out of your body, it also helps to protect you from diabetes and the like. When using a french press, you basically make your own coffee with your own coffee beans.

What that means is that you are avoiding impurities. When you grind your beans and make coffee through a press, you get as pure a  cup of coffee as you can get. With any brand of coffee, there is a process of manufacturing, and that process will have added impurities. Just check the labels. Even a drip coffee maker has issues. Making use of a press ensures you get your coffee as pure and as good as you can.

Why French Press over Drip Machine

Ideally, drip coffee is alright. It is not bad by any means. But, it does keep you from having a full and flavorful cup. The filter paper does not just strain your drink from the grounds, but also the flavor. Like in meant and other edibles coffee gets a lot of its flavor from its oils. But, the paper filter absorbs that, and so you don’t get as good a cup of coffee as you would with a press.

Having your grounds be steeped in hot water instead of being dripped does not just ensure full flavor. It also makes sure that all your grounds add to your drink. It is a balanced way of making sure that each piece of coffee ground is extracted of its coffee goodness.

The Benefits of Pressing Your Coffee

Even if you are the type of person, who wants your morning cup of joe mixed with milk and sugar having a solid foundation for your drink is essential. So to recap here are the perks of using a french press

A Pure Cup of Coffee: The press allows you to use grounds that are free from manufacturing impurities of other products

Steeped to Perfection: Unlike with a drip machine, a press steeps all the grounds making sure you get all your grounds goodness extracted into your drink.

All The Flavor You Desire: Doing away with filter paper makes sure that you also get the natural oils from your grounds which packs the great flavor of coffee everyone likes.

In the end, it may all be subjective, but the use of a press allows you a fuller coffee drinking experience. Since it is the key drink to start anyone’s day even the smaller details of a good cup of joe can mean all the difference. So why not try using one? You might just like it.

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