How to Create Sentimental Get Well Soon Baskets: DIY Ideas & Inspiration


This winter season has hit us quite hard. Along with the snow, sleet, hail, and ice, the terrible winter flu, cold, and cough are also present! While the only thing you can do is wait out the symptoms, why not make the recovery period more tolerable for your family, neighbours, coworkers, and friends? How? By assembling thoughtful Get Well Soon Baskets or Winter Cold Survival Kits and sending them with a great deal of affection.

As you’ll see in this post, the ingenuity of assembling such care packages is astounding. Filled with wonderful ideas that can be replicated in your own imaginative and loving ways!

Try These DIY “Get Well Soon” Care Packages!

Take inspiration from these thoughtful examples of care packages, and construct your own using containers you already own or can easily acquire, your favourite comfort foods, calming beverages, and useful cold and flu medications.

We adore how each product demonstrates a personalised approach. You can include weather-appropriate things, consider the patient’s preferences, and assist them in passing the time while confined to bed!

DIY embellishments inspired by these care packages:

1 – Winter Cold Survival Kit in a Tin from The DIY Mommy Container: a country-style tin basket

Google Play gift card, a bottle of honey, teacup and tea bags, cough drops, Epsom salts pouch, and cough drops.

Yellow fabric trimmings and printed chalkboard tags

2 – Get Well Gift Basket “Ray of Sunshine” from Busy Creating Memories

The basket is white wicker.

Honeypot mug and different cold relief products (cough drops, lozenges, raw honey, fresh lemons and oranges, hand sanitiser, tissues, nasal swabs)

Accessories: a fabric lining for the basket and a cosy scarf

3- Get Well Gift Baskets

Container: wooden berry basket

Contains throat drops, vitamin C, hand sanitiser, lip balm, tissue, tea bags, and honey jar (not shown: magazine)

Hand-stamped muslin jar cap and tea-bag pouch are the embellishments.

4 – Get Well Gift Basket

The container is a wire basket

Single-serve snack packets, nose spray, tea bags, a bag of coffee, immune-boosting pills, a nice book, and a pair of fuzzy socks are included as fillers.

Accessories: a canvas lining for the basket

5 – Cold, Flu, and Cough Care Package

Object: weaved basket

Box of green or chamomile tea bags, honey bottles, nutritious food, apple, coffee mug, favourite magazine, books, or DVDs.

Chalkboard-style printable care package embellishments (tags, bookmark, bag toppers, sick day checklist)

6 – Get Well Soon Hamper, including a homemade chicken soup bowl

Container: a homemade “Get Well” chicken soup bowl (instructions in the link)

, box or basket

Favourite soup variations in cans, crackers, tea bags, over-the-counter cold medications, tissues, a fun book, a volume of brainteasers or crossword puzzles are suitable fillers.

Decorations: ribbon to wrap a bow around the parcel.

7 – Homemade Cold and Flu Care Package

A container of enough size, such as a box or bin

Contains a lovely coffee mug, tea bags, honey, biscuits, influenza medications, a cold treatment, vitamin C, tissue packs, bedroom slippers, and a miniature plush blanket.

Festive pompoms strung on ribbon or twine serve as ornamentation.

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