Tips for using wax strips like a pro


Who doesn’t admire a flawless skin? All the ladies want their skins to go smooth without a single hair on it. While we have so many options in the market to wax the hair on our skins, we are going to talk about wax strips here. Whereas most of the women prefer to go to salons for waxing and spend a lot of money on different types of wax, some of the ladies want to do it at their homes at nominal prices and so they buy the best waxing strips to pamper themselves. As waxing at parlors is a painful process, waxing with strips at home is a less painful process and

here are a few tips to use waxing strips just like a pro:

  1. The first thing all the ladies need to do is to prepare their skin for waxing. Clean your skin well and keep it dry because moisture can make the process a bit difficult.
  2. If you want to exfoliate your skin, make sure you are doing it 24 hours before the waxing to avoid any kind of skin-related issues.
  3. Now, take a strip in your hands and rub it well to heat it a bit. Then separate the strips for applying one on the area you want to wax.
  4. After you apply the strip on your skin, rub it well so that the wax is applied well and pull against the growth of your hair. Do not pull the hair in any direction, because it is going to affect your next growth.
  5. Pull the strip in one go and quickly to get desired results, because pulling it slow will not take out all the hair well.
  6. Make sure you are not applying the strip in the same area more than 3 times because waxing a single area more repeatedly can cause skin irritation and redness.
  7. If you are willing to do bikini waxing you can try numbing the area with ice in order to feel less pain, because it is the most sensitive area of the body, it pains a lot during waxing.
  8. During bikini wax, it is better to cover smaller areas at once to get desired results.
  9. It is preferable to do waxing in a warm atmosphere as warm air helps to open our follicles, which helps the hair to get pulled out easily causing less pain.
  10. Now when you are done with waxing with strips, wipe your skin with wet tissue to clean the wax properly. Then apply a moisturizer or oil to smoothen the skin.

Well, if you are willing to become a pro in waxing with strips just keep these points in mind every time you remove hair at home. You are going to love your smooth and perfect skin after waxing with these strips. Once you start doing wax as said above you will not feel the need to go to a salon again to experience the same pain and bare the unwanted expenses.

Happy waxing!

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