Ghibli store has the best spirited away themed goodies online


The Japanese animated film spirited away became quite popular since its release. People are still fond of the animated characters of spirited away and have been looking for merchandise customized on the spirited away characters. If you are someone who has been looking for personalized t-shirts and other goodies like a stuffed toy, miniature status and night bulbs with the spirited awaytheme then here is an excellent option for you. You can visit the Ghibli store and look for merchandises of your choice.

Ghibli store is popular for themed goodies and merchandise of your favourite characters

Ghibli store has a lot of personalized merchandises for fans of several animated characters like spirited away, my neighbourtoroto, Princess Mononoke and some others. Though the store mainly focuses on merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies they also sell other stuff like coffee mugs, stuffed pieces and show pieces of these animated characters. The quality of the t-shirts is quite good and durable. But the attraction is definitely the characters printed on to the goodies. You can often get stuff at a sale from this store so just look out for a sale.

Returns and refund policies of Ghibli store

The store offers a 90-day return and refund policy and you can safely shop from them. In case you do not like the item you can return it within 90 days. However, items brought during sale period cannot undergo any return or refund. Items like gift cards, downloadable software products and some products related to health and personal care cannot be returned or refunded. When you are shipping back the return item you have to pay for the shipping prices by yourself. So, when you order from this store keep these factors into consideration.

A precise size guide is available on the store

The website of the Ghibli store shows a precise size guide which will help you choose the correct size according to your convenience. They offer free shipping across a large range of countries so during sale seasons follow the size guide to end up with the most exciting offers.

Thus, the Ghibli store is a great choice to buy merchandise online designed on your favourite characters and have a great time wearing them. The store is cheap, allows returns, ships to a number of countries across the globe and has high quality stuffs you can rely on. They have a Facebook page and an Instagram account where you can follow them to get updates about the sales and other products of the site. They accept payments via credit and debit cards both VISA as well as master cards can be used. Customer satisfaction is a major issue for the store and they focus on it.

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