How to Choose Hair Salons That Use Natural Products


Hair salons used to attain a scary reputation because of the hair sprays and other toxic fumes that they have. They also use keratin straightening agents, ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and a variety of other chemicals that can damage the lungs, cause cancer, or cause skin and kidney problems. Thus, you would not want to go to a hair salon just to compromise your health. This is no wonder why the next generation of salons is known as the holistic ones or those that use natural products. These salons embrace the return to the organic in order to elevate and emphasize not just standards of beauty, health, and wellness but also environmental sustainability.

Here are ways to identify hair salons that use natural products.

Choose Ones That Prioritize Organic Products

Hair salons that use natural products are those that use natural shampoos and conditioners instead of those with sodium laureth sulfates. These hair salons use natural hair sprays, organic hair dyes, and other products that may come from biodynamic farming methods. They go vegan on everything that they use. If they are producing hair products from organic farming methods, then this means that they do not use pesticides and similar solvents in nurturing these crops. In fact, many of the products that they use have phytonutrients to facilitate and improve natural hair health.

In traditional chemical-based hair solons, just one salon treatment can become so toxic to the customers themselves as toxic fumes fill the air. A typical example would be a Brazilian Blowout treatment, where a hair designer may use formaldehyde, which may bring about cancer in humans. Thus, hair salons that use natural products can prevent cancer, rashes, bronchitis, and other problems associated with exposure to harmful chemicals and fumes.

Go Where the Products Used Did Not Involve Animal Testing

Cruelty free makeup and products are those that did not involve cruel animal testing without sacrificing the results or the luxury label of the product itself. In fact, these products are guaranteed not to have harmful side effects to both the user and the environment because most likely they are also vegan and eco-friendly. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products are usually recyclable and can prevent damage to the environment.

However, since most hair salon employees do not know if the brands that they are using are cruelty-free or not, then you should do some online research on these products. The excellent hair salons are those that patronize products that do not involve animal testing. If you are getting your hair done or colored, then check out the brands that the hair salon is using. Boycott those that go against your principles.

Choose Ones That Have Replaced All the Chemicals

Choose a chemical-free salon chemical free salon especially one that does not use the toxic trio. This toxic trio is made up of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate. As previously said, formaldehyde is a cancer-causing substance, while this toxic trio is the cause of most dizziness and cases of lung and eye irritation. In fact, a 2011 study in California found out that 10 of 12 nail polish products contained toluene although these brands claimed otherwise.

Choose One That is Holistic

Holistic salons are those that do use not only natural products but also incorporate philosophy and modern wellness principles in their services. Their therapists are usually methodical, and their procedure is all-encompassing. They work with the patient in more ways that one can imagine.

In fact, these are some things that they may do:

  • They recommend massage and relaxation techniques for the scalp.
  • They recommend hair care tips.
  • They talk about hair-nourishing foods and products.
  • They connect hair health with emotions and lifestyle.

Some Final Words

Along with perfume and detergents, there are many hair products nowadays that are not plant-based and have used animal components such as keratin. These products also involved animal testing, and they are filled with harmful chemicals. Go for those hair salons that are entirely vegan. Choose ones that use cruelty free hair products. Then, you are guaranteed to have completely healthy hair that is free from all harmful toxins.

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