Custom Engagement Rings: What You Should Consider Before You Buy One


Custom-designed jewelry used to be for the rich and famous only. It was very expensive. Superstars and celebrities wear these and not all the time. Times have changed. Custom-made engagement rings are now more available to the public. Thanks to modern technology. More couples can now choose to get a unique piece of jewelry to match their taste without going bankrupt.

There are various options and a lot of choices you could choose from. It can overwhelm you at first. Here are some tips on what you should consider before you buy a custom engagement ring.


Getting a custom-designed engagement ring does not have to be expensive. Be honest about how much you could and would spend. A good jeweler will be able to help you find something within your budget. A custom-made engagement ring is often more expensive than a pre-set ring. But it will let you have what you want. You can decide which aspect of the engagement ring is most important to you.

A prestigious jeweler

Ask your friends, family members, and other relatives for personal recommendations. Make sure that if you are about to buy a diamond, it comes with a GIA report. Some other appraisal by a certified jewelry institution will also do. The jeweler will be able to reset your diamond in an hour or so if you already own one.

Start early

You should look for a jeweler who is happy to work with you. A jeweler who will not stop until you are 100% satisfied with the design. It takes several months before your custom-designed engagement ring meets its final touch.

Wedding band

It can be a lot easier and less expensive if you buy the engagement ring and the wedding band from the same place. The store representative becomes familiar with your sense of style. This enables him or her to assist you more. Jewelers are usually more willing to work with you on pricing if you make repeat purchases. Custom engagement rings used to cost a fortune. But not anymore.

Warranties and aftercare

You have to make sure that you have everything in writing. Confirm details of information such as the purity of the metal and the agreed delivery date. And, of course, the final price. Check the warranties and aftercare the jeweler or retailer offers. Get the ring insured. Include a note that your ring is custom made and who made it for you. These details are some of the most important things to consider.

Still unsure whether a custom-designed engagement ring is for you? Do you have stones that family members pass down? You can incorporate these on a one-of-a-kind custom jewelry. It will make your engagement ring more wonderful.

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