How To Dry Nail Polish Quickly


So many of us who love to paint our nails in different colors and get different designs done on them. But, the wait for the nail polish to dry – not so much.

Also, let’s be completely honest: there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for 15 to 30 minutes at a stretch for our nail polish to dry. For this, too, you need to sit perfectly still because you never know when some kind of misfortune or clumsy event will take place due to which you’ll end up messing up your nail paint.

But fret not, as we have compiled a list of a few tips using which you can dry your nail polish fast–way faster than you would’ve thought

Do a Cold Water Dip

Before we start discussing this tip, let us warn you beforehand that this is a bit of preparation that you need to do here.

Before you paint your nails, take a small bowl and fill it with cold tap water. Add two pieces of ice cubes to it. Set the bowl near where you will be painting your nails. After you’re done, wait for about 2 to 3 minutes to let the nail polish “set.”

Finally, dip your nails in the cold water and hold them there for about five minutes. Once you remove your hands or feet from water, check for water beads on top of the nail surface. If you do find them there, your nails are completely dry.

We will also like to give you another tip here. If you face any difficulty removing chipped nail polish, just the opposite of what you did above. A quick dip in warm water will help to loosen the nail polish from your nail beds making it easy for you to remove it.

Use a Blow Dryer

Instead of letting your nails dry naturally, you can always speed up the process with the help of a blow dryer. However, instead of using the hot air setting on the appliance, go for the cool one.

Many experts consider this method the most effective way to help you dry your nail polish faster without much effort from your side. At about six inches away from your nail beds, use the cool air setting of your blow dryer for about a minute or so. Just to be sure, gently tap the nails to determine whether or not they are dry.

A common mistake that people make is to use hot air function. You see, the hot air actually prevents the polish from hardening, which is exactly the opposite of what you are aiming for.

Buy a Quick-Dry Nail Polish

Not many of us are aware but there is a quick-dry nail polish available in the market that is sheer and has been formulated to cut down on the drying time specifically.

After you are done applying the nail paint that you want, top it off by applying a single coat of this quick-dry nail polish. Trust us when we tell you that your nails will try in a minute or even less. The other advantage of using this topcoat is that it can add a layer of sheen to your nails while giving it a body preventing any chipping.

You can always use a nail polish that has a shorter drying time as well. When you shop for nail paints, search the label for the words “rapid speed,” “express dry,” or “quick dry.”

You can always opt for drying drops as well. In this case, you will need to drip one drop of the product directly on your nail and let it sit for about one or two minutes. You can also use setting spray to facilitate faster drying. There are just so many ways to help you dry those talons!

Embrace the Concept of Thin Nail Polish Coats

You may have already noticed how your manicurist often applies several thin layers of nail polish, as opposed to one or two thick coats. Keeping this in mind; you have to give your nails a chance to dry in between every application.

Not only will this manicure technique helps you get a more even finish but it will also dry faster. Always try to get a bit of practice by applying the paint on your thumbnail as it has a larger surface area. This will help you understand just how much can you thin the nail paint at one go.

Before you start applying nail polish, wipe the applicator brush on the inside of the nail polish to remove any excess paint that may be sticking to it. With a steady hand, start applying thin, uniform coats along your nails. After your first layer, wait a couple of minutes to see whether you would need another one. In most cases, you don’t so if there is no need, try to avoid going for a second layer–resist the temptation!

Use Baby Oil

Using any kind of carrier oils such as olive oil, or baby oil can really shorten your nail drying process. In fact, even cooking spray can work!

What you need to do in this case is place the oil in a medicine dropper or decanter so as to give you control over the amount that you want to put on every nail. Remember: you don’t need to drench your nail completely in the oil–less is more.

After you have finished applying the nail polish, place one or two drops of oil on every nail and then sit patiently for a minute or two. Be careful when you add the drops to not cause any mess.

The oil will soak up the paint facilitating the fast drying of the nail polish while it sits on top of your nail bed. Once you see oil beading on top of the nail, wipe it off with a dry paper towel.

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