Jewellery Shopping From Home: Accessorise Online


Jewellery can provide as a great option when it comes to simply accessorising a minimalistic outfit. It can become a manifestation of one’s sentiments or even a means of expression. However, jewellery shopping can sometimes be intimidating, as it involves being truly sure of one’s choice. Shopping for it online, on the other hand normally tends to pose many other problems due to the inability to try it on and check the fitting, or to simply know how it looks on oneself. Hence, many individuals tend to shy away from using the luxury of the internet for jewellery shopping. The COVID-19 pandemic and lock down has put multiple restrictions on each of us: but who said that that should stop one from shopping from the comfort of their homes?

“Your Jewellery Shop NZ” makes personalised jewellery shopping much easier!

Ranging from beautiful custom jewellery for you and your loved ones – to charms, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, Your Jewellery Shop NZ provides each customer with beautiful pieces of jewellery at just one click away. The specialty website also provides personalised name jewellery, which could make the perfect gift for loved ones. The website started off with an exceptional idea and a little hard work, and has various top-rated products like the Blue Nana Necklace: an elegant minimalistic necklace accentuated with a blue-beaded heart. Another highly recommended piece would be the aunt bracelet. Priced at a modest $18, this is guaranteed perfection: a simplistic silver bracelet studded with a beautiful beaded heart. Another top rated product, the pastel pink “Sister Necklace”(priced at $14) is sure to make a beautiful gift! The options range from very affordable jewellery at even low prices like $8 to more diverse options. The various options have been carefully sorted into categories that are guaranteed to make your experience on the website a smooth one!

The website also provides customers with the diverse payment options, starting from breaking down the costing into 10 interest free instalments, to even multiple fortnightly payments through reliable payment platforms. The website, being extremely user friendly, has the option of personalising it according to preferences based on the preferred price range. With an extremely convenient ring sizing chart, the site also ensures that the shopping experience is truly effortless. The website also ships and delivers your desired products across the entire country with absolutely no extra delivery charges. Some extremely unique pieces available on the website include an elegant gold plated silver family tree necklace just at 129 dollars, some classic name jewellery starting at the modest price of $45, some elegant bracelets starting at $4 to even beautiful wedding rings that promise satisfaction. The website further provides you with very unique filters, to shop for products according to what you’re looking for. With customised filters to help you search for gifts for your parents, husband, wife, sister, aunt or grandmother, jewellery shopping has never been easier!

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