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Everyone desires a good life and to fully enjoy every bit of it regardless of life stage one is. In this regard, Melbourne, lifestyle and travel expo is greatly an appreciated event in Australia. It highlights the current products and services pertaining to preparations on lifestyle and travel options after retirement. It also offers unique opportunities for participant companies that look forward to meeting large numbers of audients in the same venue. The event majorly provides services, products, and information to help those people planning to retire and boost their lifestyle. This exhibition offers knowledge to all people.

Varieties of the current summer/spring ladies fashion

It’s quite confusing and challenging to select the kind of dress or outfit when it’s neither very hot nor that much chilly. For the sake of such a season, there are various top spring/summer ladies attracting fashion trends that are available for lifestyle expo Melbourne. They include:

T-shirt dresses

T-shirt dresses are a perfect covering piece since they are ideal for an in-between weather and climates. They are fantastic in look and they are light enough to be won beneath jackets and sweaters with pairing it with the suitable accessory making it perfect. They are also fit for different occasions giving it an added credit.

Power shorts

A new Louise Vuitton’s silky boxer-style shorts and St. Laurent’s high-waisted leather shorts, together with a collection of other tailored power shorts are the trending fashions for this season

Maxi skirts

Such a skirt with a longer hemline prevents the legs from being exposed to cold weather.

It’s easier to pair it with a suede and plain T-shirts or jacket of faux leather.

Tops that are embroidered

For sweaters and jackets, these embroidered tops work as a good layering item. It’s also a perfect match with jeans and skirts especially those with that have a little cold shoulder action onwards.


During this season, whether pastel, neutral or even punchy checks are trending all over and thus it’s the high time to shine on one and tally with the fashion as it lasts. Mary Katrantzou offers bag checks outfit while Loewe supplies simple ginghams, it’s much easier to collect blue plaid shirts at Alexander McQueen and also a collection of fabulous designs with checked tights at Fendi.


A jumpsuit is one of the suitable ready to wear even in that lazy morning since it’s a one-stop shopping favorite which you just put on and move on with the journey for regular and casual events. These suits every occasion travels and even from work and up to black-tie functions.


For London shows, this has been a great outstanding fabric for long. For satins, their sheen accentuates immediately each silhouette and also their fluidity and lightness makes them highly comfortable options to gloom over the whole night. Liquid evening dresses as well, as gowns are the priority options for the Chris Kane and Roksanda designs.

The above different trending categories and varieties relate to the fashion expo Melbourne and they provide a full and choosy wardrobe for a completely packaged event and for immense enjoyment and comfortable sessions therein.

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