Victoria Barbara- 2020 Style and Fashion Tips for Curvy Girls and Plus Sized Women


Fashion and style are not limited to young girls or women; in fact, curvy girls and plus-sized matured women can equally enjoy the attention of being style and fashion-conscious. Thanks to the major runways at Milan, New York, and Paris, every year brings in new trends, and they equally apply to curvy and plus-sized females too!

Victoria Barbara – Hit the streets this year in style

Victoria Barbara is a popular fashion blogger from New York in the USA known for her high end and street style fashion. She says that curvy and plus-sized women often face the challenges of staying up to date with the latest fashion and style trends of the year. However, thanks to fashion editors and bloggers, they can now get tips on what to wear to grab the limelight and make heads turn wherever they go. When it comes to the latest trends of 2020, the style and the trends of the 90s have resurfaced this year. Given below are some of the key trends you should embrace to flatter yourself and hit the streets in style-

  1. The white T-shirt- The white T-shirt should be a staple in your closet. You can pair them up with almost anything. Go for the oversized blazers with the skinny jeans look. Wear a pair of nice sleek heels, and if you want to walk around a lot, you can always choose stylish flat bellies or moccasins for the occasion as well.
  2. Dresses- Choose clothing that not only fits you but flatters you. Polka dots and stripes are in this year. You can choose the longer puff sleeve look that makes your arm look longer.
  3. Hide fat bellies with flowy fall tops- The belly or the waist area can often be a problem region for many curvy girls and plus-sized women. You can choose tops that fall till the end of your buttocks and take off the attention from your stomach.
  4. Trench coats – This year, trench coats are in, and you can pair them with a cool pair of skinny jeans or even a nice hugging dress or skirt that falls just below the knees. When it comes to trench coats, you will find them available in all colors and sizes. Leather and denim trench coats are in vogue this season.\
  5. Multi-printed tops- She says that if you are in the Boho style, you can opt for multi-print styles and designs with a pair of jeans that are very popular this year. Long sleeve tops will give you a slimmer look, and you can wear them with wedge sandals and a shoulder bag of tan or light brown.

Victoria Barbara says that when it comes to 2020 fashion this year, there are several options for plus-sized women and curvy girls. All you need to do is go online and look for inspirational ideas from popular fashion bloggers so that you do not feel left behind when it comes to style!

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