Wearing Men’s Jewelry: 4 Types of Jewelry Any Man Can Wear


Women are best known for wearing all types of jewelry. In fact, no piece of jewelry can go unnoticed by a woman. However, on the other hand, some men are skeptical and picky when wearing certain types. Some jewelry pieces are primarily associated with femininity, so most men will probably think twice before choosing them. As much as women wear certain pieces of jewelry, it is still vital for a man to know what can go well with his outfit. You need to ponder several principles to ensure you pick the right jewelry to make a style statement without looking flashy. Nonetheless, the following are four types of jewelry worn by almost every man. What follows below these types are tips on wearing jewelry for men.

Types of Jewelry Worn by Men

The following are pieces of jewelry almost every man owns and wears comfortably to spice up their style.


A watch is a must-have accessory for every man who wants to make a bold statement. It is timeless and a crucial piece that gives a classic look and dresses up an outfit. However, it is not about wearing any watch. A low-quality timepiece that does not go well with the rest of your outfit can ruin everything. Therefore, the first thing to choosing a great watch is to go for a high-end one. There are numerous types of high-quality watches for men you can choose to make your statement. The watch you wear should always match the formality of the rest of your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a nice-fit suit and attending a formal meeting, never wear a cheap watch with colorful straps. Instead, opt for an elegant one from a well-known brand. When choosing branded watches, it is crucial always to confirm they are original. Another rule of thumb when selecting watches for men is to go for dark-colored pieces, especially when wearing dark-colored outfits.


Rings are also common jewelry pieces for men because men wear their wedding rings, sports-related rings, etc. You can easily combine this accessory with your outfit since it can sometimes be flashy without drawing all the attention. Furthermore, a ring creates a good way of starting a conversation with other people. For instance, other people will know how to approach you if you are wearing a wedding ring. It is advisable to avoid rings with large stones since they are primarily associated with women. Instead, go for simple bands that will not break your look and the impression you give others. Wear one or two pieces. Anything more than that, and your accessories will look exaggerated.


There are numerous types of necklaces for men. Even though some men wear flashy chains for necklaces, they may not be a good choice if you are going for a professional look. If you have to go for a chain necklace, ensure it is thin and does not carry a large pendant. A good choice for a casual look can be a necklace made from bone or wood. You can also go for rosary necklaces if you can match them with the occasion. In short, match your necklaces with the event and outfit to make your statement.


Bracelets are another type of jewelry that men wear to accessorize their look and spice things up. There are numerous feminine bracelets, but the masculine ones are mostly made from metal or leather. It may be best to avoid chain-style bracelets if you want a more masculine look. Additionally, avoid bracelets with dangling features since they can be inconvenient and easily ruin your entire appearance and the first impression people have about you. If you choose a leather or metal bracelet, match it with other leather or metal items so it does not look out of place.

Tips for Wearing Jewelry for Men

These pieces are integral to a man’s outfit since they help elevate the appearance, even when wearing something simple. However, you must know how to wear them to avoid ruining your overall look. Here are tips to help you.

Find Meaningful Pieces

A piece of jewelry with a specific meaning can be a timeless item to add to your wardrobe. An item with a personal sentiment tends to be treasurable. They can remind you of something special or unique in your life. Try it, and you will never have an issue matching it with the rest of your outfit. A perfect example is a wedding ring that reminds you of your vows and someone you love. Of course, you don’t need jewelry with deep symbolism. Simple purchasing something when you go on a vacation or from a recently-opened store can make a difference.

Keep It Simple

Women are known to love flashy and sparking pieces of jewelry. However, things are different when it comes to men. Men like understated jewelry with darker colors or jewelry made from leather or metal materials. Jewelry made from these materials tends to be simple yet classy. They have a manly appeal, are not complicated, and can add a rich touch to your wardrobe. Therefore, learn how to choose jewelry based on the setting. Most importantly, always go for pieces made from high-quality materials.

Match the Rest of Your Style

Another vital thing to get the most out of your jewelry is matching your style. After all, dressing nicely and adding accessories is to make a style statement and create an excellent first impression. Therefore, pick something that blends well with the rest of the outfit. It is recommendable to avoid striking and bright-colored pieces when going for a professional or classy look. If you want to appear bold, we recommend choosing jewelry that will be attractive and easy to catch attention. Go for jewelry from dark-colored metals or leather if you like low-key style.

Amplify Your Style with the Best Jewelry

You should follow these essential guidelines to dress up your outfit in the best way possible. You don’t need to try too hard if you have the right jewelry that goes well with whatever you are wearing. Watches make the best choice for spicing up your look. However, you can make it even better by adding necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Make a style statement with these jewelry pieces by integrating them well into your daily outfits.

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