What is Tencel and Lyocell?


Lyocell is a versatile fiber textile manufactured from the dissolved pulp by use of dry jet-wet spinning technology. The creation of Lyocell involves using the closed-loop system that is known for maintaining economical usage of water and energy. It’s likewise known for having little to no negative effect on the environment. Tencel, on the other hand, is simply branded Lyocell. It’s environmentally friendly textile that’s constructed from the eucalyptus tree wood pulps. For those who don’t know what is Tencel and Lyocell, here is everything you need to know.


Tencel Lyocell is highly sustainable organically extracted textile. The tree extracts used in the creation of Lyocell are organically sourced from eucalyptus wood pulps. The manufacturing of these natural textiles does not involve using pesticides that could trigger skin rashes and sensitivity. So, Tencel Lyocell is an eco-friendly and recyclable textile that can be used on a variety of applications.


Lyocell is a comfortable textile ideal for making designer and stylish clothing. Naturally, Lyocell is breathable, soft, and super absorbent. It’s one of the most comfortable textiles used currently for making home designs and clothing such as bed linens, denim, towels, and tunics. It feels quite cool and soft against the skin making it ideal for those with sensitive skins.


Lyocell boasts of great luster properties. It is known to drape beautifully with most skins.  It has amazing luster qualities and smooth feel and looks. Naturally, Lyocell is a versatile and stylish textile used widely in the creating of luxury dresses, beddings,and other supplies.

Lyocell Performance

Lyocell Tencel is highly performance fabric. It is known to have awesomely hardwearing fibers. The fabric is commonly used in the creation of strong-knit and woven textiles and garments. Clothes created of this fabric are highly resistant to wrinkling something which makes them perfect for active users like regular travelers, commuters, and athletes.

What Are the Uses of Lyocell Tencel?

Lyocell Tencel combines perfectly well with the majority of natural and man-made fibers. So, it’s widely used in a wide range of finishes and products. It’s not uncommon to discover shirts and jeans created of Tencel.  It is quite common to discover common household goods like beddings, specialty papers and conveyor belts created of Lyocell Tencel. Many of the everyday sheets, mattress protectors, and pillowcases ate widely created of Lyocell Tencel.

Lyocell Tencel is a common fabric that’s widely used in the modern-day era in a variety of applications. As we have seen, it’s high performance, durable, and versatile textile that’s naturally sourced. It’s quite common among most fashion clothing designers today. Being a highly versatile fabric, Tencel can be used together with other textile fibers such as silk, cotton, wool, polyester, and acrylic. Boasting of unique physical properties, Lyocell Tencel is known to have amazing moisture absorption properties, strength,and versatility. There are lots of other benefits linked to Lyocell Tencel besides the ones we have just outlined. If you want to know more about Lyocell Tencel and where to buy quality pieces, you should visit here for more information.

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