Reinvigorate Your Fashion with Helix’s Trendy Essentials Collection


Gone are the days when watches were merely a time telling gadget. This generation of watches is treated as a quintessential accessory that assists an individual in making a distinctive style statement and narrating their definition of fashion. To celebrate your choice of fashion and your love for trends, Helix’s trendy essential collection is up for a surprise. The watches in the collection are something you owe to your wardrobe and to yourself. The watches in this collection go with every look of yours, be it your Saturday party look or your Monday office look. The watches are brimmed with sass and let you flaunt your inner fashionista.

Be the Trendsetter Wherever You Go-

Considering the demands and needs of this generation z, trendy collection attempts to balance an equal amount of elegance, gloss, and delicacy. The watches are available in two batches. Watches in the first batch have a narrow bezel case of 34mm. They embrace the color blocking style in dials with contrast and have 12 markers. The collection endeavors to furnish variety in color and design to its audience. The watches are available in vibrant, lively, and classy colors including black, red, silver, purple, and sky blue. People are also given a choice to opt for either a leather band or a bracelet band watch in this trendy essential collection.

The second batch of watches of Trendy essential collection has a 34mm round case. These watches come with a bow-shaped lug profile. The dial of these watches has a unique X element. They come in a bracelet band style and are available in black and silver colors. These watches are not only fashion-friendly but are also pocket-friendly and cost between INR 1,000 to INR 2,000. When looking to buy watches in India, these are sure to catch your attention. When bought before Feb 20, each Helix purchase will fetch you an additional gift: a wireless headset. Isn’t that great?

How to style up these watches:

The trendy essential collection serves variety and hence suits every fashion mood of an individual. For instance, the first date look demands sophistication, confidence, and elegance. To complement your subtle yet alluring look on your first date and highlight your confidence, wear our red-colored leather banded watch. The watch has a sleek feature to it and lets you rule your first date look.

Interview with your dream company rushes nervousness down to your veins. You wish to present your best selves to the interviewers and leave a lasting impression on their conscious. To aid you here we have black colored bracelet banded watch with bow-shaped lug profile. The watch comes with a unique X element dial. Wear this watch to your interview and let it speak of your poised and dedicated personality.

Visiting a store and dealing with the tough decision of choosing the right watch can come as a real struggle, considering the tight and hectic schedule of prospective buyers. But it’s all worth it in the end, if you are clear about your choices. You can also choose from the other variety of men’s watches online from premium watch brands such as Timex.

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